Sea Dreams cut out tank

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Inspiration for the sea dreams suit. This collaboration came about at a midday master’s swim practice in 2016. My friend and teammate Anne-Marie, came to practice that day wearing a very cute swim suit. I asked her about it, and she said it was one of hers! I had forgotten that she’s the owner of Zumo USA, a super cool custom swim suit company.

During one of my favorite sets of all time (25s of butterfly on the 30) I turned to Anne-Marie and decided to pitch her on a collaboration between us two. In the 10-15 seconds of rest we had on those 25s, I convinced her to check out my work, and see about getting my paintings onto some suits. A couple lunch meetings and design sessions later, a collaboration was born.

From that day in the pool to today, we’ve explored some neat pieces that we’re excited to share. We hope these suits make swimmers as happy as we were when we were working on them together! You can buy the Sea Dreams Cut out Tank in Aqua and Lavender on the Zumo USA site. At this time, size 36 in lavender is sold out because my mother (another master’s swimmer and waterpolo player) has purchased them all. Happy swimming!